White Lace Parasols

White Lace Parasols and White Lace Umbrellas ooze with the charm of their white lace fabric shade. Masterfully crafted with Battenburg lace and embroidered accents, these white lace umbrellas when thrown as white wedding umbrellas can highlight the ethereal look of a blushing bride and can equally be used as white umbrella decorations to suit a wide array of wedding themes and decorating styles.

Radiate Nothing Less Than Sophisticated Elegance

Radiate nothing less than sophisticated elegance, femininity, and youthful charm on your wedding day, or simply be a fashionable guest to a cocktail party or leisurely event by walking down in style with a white lace parasol or white lace umbrella. Handmade by expert artisans in Asia, these white lace parasols can be opened and closed manually and individually features a bamboo handle and a fabric shade that is hand-stitched on their eight (8) metal ribs.

Available in 8 to 27 inch sizes, our selection of white lace parasols also holds various styles for you to choose from – from the mini white decorative umbrellas for centerpiece to the white lace parasols with full Battenburg lace shade, which are a favorite for photography props and umbrella gifts for the bride, bridesmaids, and loved ones who love vintage-style and trendy umbrellas, and white umbrellas with embroidery or lace accent, which are perfect for taking shelter from the heat of the sun.

Shop your white lace parasols, white lace umbrellas, and white wedding umbrellas today and save more when you buy white lace umbrellas wholesale or bulk. Also, check out our hand-picked selection of black, ivory, and red lace umbrellas among other lace parasol colors and styles that are sure to complement your white wedding umbrellas, white lace parasols, or white lace umbrellas.