Wedding Lace Parasol

These Lace Wedding Parasols and Bridal Umbrellas are the perfect finishing touch to an ethereal and elegant bridal ensemble. Great for the bridesmaids, flower girls, and mother-of-the-bride, too, these lace wedding parasols have intricate lace motifs, thus once they are used as a shade, they bring out the beauty of a bridal gown, a simple sheer veil, or the opulence of headpieces made of silk or crystals.

Wedding Lace Umbrellas Features

Shop the most beautiful selection of wedding lace parasols and wedding lace umbrellas in this section of Crafted by expert artisans in Asia, each wedding lace parasol features delicately-carved wood handles and ferrule, and aluminum ribs that frame their lace canopy. Each wedding lace parasol or wedding lace umbrella can be opened and closed manually and has a lightweight yet sturdy structure, thus can withstand the windy condition of the outdoors, like of the beach.

With an amazing range of twenty-six (26) styles and sizes, you are sure to find herein the best selection of bridal umbrellas, wholesale wedding lace parasols for favors and decor, and wedding lace umbrellas to keep your guests sheltered from the heat of the sun. Keeping these wedding lace umbrellas in tip-top shape after the wedding is also easy as they are made of cotton.

Accessorize these wedding lace parasols or wedding lace umbrellas with over-sized silk flowers and bows on their handle and ferrule, or with chains of pearls around their shade, to make them look more captivating on your wedding pictures. And, when using them for photography and on party venues with low lighting, embellish them with beads, crystals, and rhinestones that will help to give them a delicate shimmer.

3 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Lace Parasols

The beauty of lace in parasols and umbrellas never fails to captivate the romantic brides, fashion enthusiasts, and event stylists who have the eye for all things classy and classic. There is quite an immense variety of lace parasols these days that are perfect as bridal umbrellas, bridesmaids' parasols, and lace parasol centerpiece, but if you seek to have one that melds together both beauty and function, then here are 3 tips on how to choose the perfect wedding lace parasols:

Consider the time of the day when using a lace parasol as a sun shade.

Would you use a lace parasol as a sun shade or wedding sun parasols for an outdoor wedding in summer? Then look for lace parasols with partly- to fully-covered canopies, which help to block the heat of the sun. Take note that some lace parasols of these types have a waterproof lining, so you are better-off with them when rain is anticipated during your event.

Select the lace umbrella that best complements your wedding ensemble.

Lace umbrellas are natural fashion accessories and the secret to bringing out their classic elegance as bridal umbrellas is simple: Keep your entire look refined and elegant. Battenburg lace parasols, for instance, make perfect accessories to delicately-detailed wedding gowns and dresses with lace akin to Battenburg lace, like Guipure and Venetian laces, while Victorian-style lace umbrellas very well complement wedding dresses that are made of or with fine lace accents, like Chantilly lace.

Choose the wedding lace parasol size that is suited for its user.

The last thing you surely would want to see is a wedding photo of you or a guest under a lace parasol that is way too small or too big. Basically, a suitably-sized lace parasol – when held upright – has the tip of its canopy, i.e., the opposite side where the handle is held, at least in line with the tip of its user's shoulder.

Lace parasols come in various diameter sizes and among the popular uses for which are the following: the 8 to 12" in diameter lace umbrellas are typically used as decor while the 20" to 22" parasols are a famous pick for toddlers to pre-teens. Parasols that measure at least 26" are considered adult sizes and while those that measure at most 30" are considered suitable for use by one (1) teenager or adult, and those that measure at least 32" are preferred for shared use by two (2) or more guests.

Wedding Lace Umbrella DIY Decorating Ideas

Dress your wedding lace umbrellas for the event and see how even a tiny piece of embellishment can make a lot of difference to their already awesome beauty.

Floral Wedding Lace Umbrella

Don't just settle for a bridal umbrella with a bare ferrule or handle by decorating the latter with an oversized faux flower or bouquet of your choice. Simply glue or sew your flower decor on a silk ribbon and tie them around the handle or ferrule. You might even want to add details that are unique to your wedding's theme on your lace umbrella's mini bouquet, like seashells for a beach wedding, for a touch of whimsy.

Beaded Bridal Lace Umbrella

Take the time to dazzle like a fairy tale princess on your special day or simply exude a luxurious style when you pose for your wedding pictures or while walking under the sun with a bridal umbrella festooned with pearls, glass crystals, sequins, or rhinestones. Battenburg lace umbrellas are a perfect choice for this project because of the thickness of Battenburg lace, the latter's easy-to-sew cotton thread, and distinctive patterns, which you can use as a map for almost any embellishing that you may want to try.

Lace Umbrella Centerpiece

The most colorful wedding season of the year deserves the most colorful wedding details and what better way to enjoy your fall wedding-perfect gold lace umbrellas than to hang them as ceiling centerpiece with string lights and faux maple leaves hanging around their shade. If not, make them give your party venue a homey ambiance as fall umbrella centerpiece with flowers, especially in shades of red, orange, and yellow on their feet, glass ornaments hanging from their ribs, and leaf garlands wrapped around their shaft.

Winter Wedding Lace Umbrella

We can't deny the fact that umbrellas are not just a summer essential, but also a winter necessity, and that lace umbrellas are not just one of the most beautiful among their kind for a winter wedding, they can also fill a dreamy aura to romantic wedding shots. Accentuate the simple yet striking beauty of a snowy landscape backdrop with the sophisticated design of your lace umbrella or decorate the latter's shade with faux fur, white sequins, or crystal trims that can make them exude a touch of warmth and delightful shimmer, akin to the sparkle of snow.

Don't let your wedding go by without experiencing the lavish beauty of a bridal lace umbrella, or make your sister bride-to-be miss it as a bridal gift, which she can cherish as a bridal heirloom piece. Shop the best quality yet cheap wedding lace parasols only here on and enjoy more savings when you buy our lace umbrellas for weddings bulk or wholesale.