Colored Paper Parasols Umbrellas - Medium

Solid Color Paper Parasols and Colored Paper Umbrellas feature a vibrant-hued rice paper shade that measures 26 inches in diameter. Perfectly-sized as sunshade for teens and petites, these medium paper parasols are the answer to your needs for paper umbrellas and umbrella decorations that will give your casual to elegant ensemble and decorating themes a simple, refined, and comfy look.

Solid Color Paper Parasols Features

Let these solid color paper parasols or medium paper umbrellas give more life to your outfit-of-the-day, special occasions, and home or business' decorating theme. Each solid color paper parasol and medium paper umbrella offers both function and style on a bright sunny weather and is made of delicately-carved and lightweight bamboo frame and handle and premium quality rice paper, which vibrant color and silk-like translucency make them look even more captivating under the sun.

For weddings, hang-outs, and special occasions that need multipurpose party details, these solid color paper parasols and medium paper umbrellas are a must as they will truly satisfy your need for sunshade – especially for the junior bridesmaids, teens, and petites – even on breezy locations, like the beach. Their simple design also complements many fashion styles, occasions, and party themes and they are equally easy to pack as wedding or party favors, souvenirs, and Asian gifts.

Transform these solid color paper parasols and medium paper umbrellas into umbrella decorations by painting or gluing faux flowers and paper cut-outs on their shade, resting them on a stand as a decorative shelter for your fresh flower centerpiece, or hanging them from satin ribbons to glam up the blank ceiling of your home, party place, or wedding marquee. Shop these solid color paper parasols wholesale to grab them at even cheaper prices and be sure to also view our large selection of large paper parasols, which are suitably-sized for adults.