Small Lace Parasol

These Small Lace Parasols and Decorative Mini Lace Umbrellas are too cute enough for words! With a canopy that unfolds from only 8 to 12 inches wide, they can make your guests smile with them as the petite umbrella favors, umbrella decorations, or umbrella centerpiece for your special occasions and decorating theme. They are the cutest Battenberg lace parasols to wrap as umbrella gift for babies, too. So, don't hesitate to get your family, friends, and guests squealing at the classy charm of these decorative Battenberg lace parasols.

Small Lace Parasols: 7 Colors, 20 Styles Available

Give your wedding and special occasions the mesmerizing beauty of Battenberg lace through these small lace parasols. Crafted by hand by expert artisans, each small lace parasol has a natural-colored and nicely-carved bamboo handle and ferrule and eight (8) metal ribs, which hold their Battenberg lace fabric shade. They can be opened and closed manually like real umbrellas and stored in compact style, so you won't have to worry packing them for gifts and destination parties.

Available in seven (7) Renaissance Period-inspired colors and color combinations, i.e., white, ivory, pink, black, fuchsia, red, and white and pink, these small lace parasols also feature classic motifs – from simple heart patterns to complex flower-themed designs. Giving them a more dramatic appeal can also be made by simply tying a silk or satin bow around their handle or sewing beads, faux pearls, sequins, silk flowers, and/or fringes on or around their fabric shade.

Save more when you shop these ornate small lace parasols wholesale and enthrall your wedding and party guests by having them as umbrella favors. Or, better yet, use them to boost the picture-perfect view of your outdoor wedding as stylish sun shield for your fresh flower arrangements or make them put a pop of vintage style or Asian inspiration to your decorating setup.

5 Small Lace Parasol Decorating Ideas

Who can't resist the classic charm of Battenberg lace and the chic versatility of these mini Battenberg lace parasols? With the right parasol base or stand and a few strands of beads, bunch of flowers, and string lights, you can actually give your wedding or party venue an even more cozy setup and picture-perfect ambiance with these 5 small lace parasol decorating ideas:

Small Lace Parasol Floral Centerpiece

Flowers are a symbol of happiness. No wonder the most special occasions hardly go by without them. But when it comes to keeping flower centerpieces looking fresh all day – especially for an outdoor event in summer – we often forget that these fresh floras need shelter, too, from the heat of the sun. You can style a small lace parasol centerpiece by putting a mini lace umbrella on a mini decorative lace parasol base, mini umbrella holder or basket, planter, or clear vase filled with river rocks, pearls, or fruits amidst a bunch of flowers.

For ornate decorating setups, dress these small lace umbrellas with beaded fringes, colored rhinestones, crystal trims, or silk flowers, while votive candle lights on their feet can also amplify their ornate design for evening and romantic party setups.

Small Lace Parasol Backdrop with Lights

If you are still looking for umbrella-themed wall decor ideas, unique DIY backdrop for your wedding or party stage, or lace backdrop for your Battenburg lace cake, then mounting these small lace parasols on a lattice wall panel is surely worth a try. Simply insert the handle of each small lace umbrella through the lattice hole and secure with a string or ribbon. Use garlands and vine decorations for accents, or string lights that will glow beneath their shade when lit.

Small Lace Umbrella Wedding Aisle Decor

Create a small lace parasol decor for the wedding aisle with the help of a floor lamp or Shepherd's hook. The 8 to 12 inch size of these small lace umbrellas makes them just right for most wedding aisles, you can also try arranging them in sets of 2 or 3 on coat stands with multiple hooks. Finish your mini lace umbrella wedding aisle decor with flowers and sparkling beads to emphasize the beauty of their Battenberg lace shade.

Small Lace Parasols Ceiling Centerpiece

Visually lower the height of tall ceilings by hanging small lace parasols as ceiling centerpiece: Simply tie a string around the handle of each mini lace parasol and suspend it from a ceiling hook, a nylon string, or a string light. Mix-and-match small lace umbrellas in different colors for a festive party setup or hang them from strings of different lengths around a hanging floral centerpiece as an accent to the party room.

Tip: Ensure at least 1 foot allowance between the tip of the lowest-hanging small lace parasol and the tallest expected guest to prevent guests from banging their heads on your mini decorative lace parasols ceiling centerpiece.

Small Lace Umbrella Wedding Lace Arch

Innovate your wedding lace arch with a colorful display of mini Battenburg lace parasols. Perfect the colorful motif of your event by using mini lace parasols in different colors, decorate red mini lace parasols on an arch festooned with maple leaves on a fall wedding, or welcome your guests to a sumptuous winter wedding with an archway adorned by white and ivory mini lace parasols.

Finally, for your small lace umbrella favors, don't forget that you can still let your guests come home with an edible treat by using ceramic mugs or beer mugs filled with packs of mini cookies or candies, or a pretty bucket or tin can with a plush toy, for your mini umbrella stand. Enjoy the many picture-perfect decorating ideas that these mini lace parasols can do to your wedding or party and see for yourself how they can generate more smiles and cheerful memories of your special occasions.