Silk Parasols

Silk Parasols
To protect themselves from rain as well as sun, the Chinese are thought to be the first to make lacquered paper parasols or paper umbrellas. Thus, they are credited with creating the first waterproof umbrella. Eventually, paper parasols came to be associated with nobility and other high ranking officials. According to legend, at one time, 24 paper umbrellas were carried before the Emperor to protect him from the sun while hunting.

Color and paint your wedding, special occasions, and Asian or tropical fashion ensemble with these traditional silk parasols. Silk parasol umbrellas features:

  • Made from silk on a bamboo frame with a bamboo handle
  • Available in two sizes
  • Small: 15.75" length x 22.0" diameter (when fully opened)
  • Large: 33" diameter x 21.5" height (when fully opened)
  • Silk parasols are both a fashion statement and an item of practicality. Available in a wide array of colors, these silk parasols will definitely add an Asian flair to your event.