Silver Lace Parasols

Silver Lace Parasols and Silver Lace Umbrellas catch the spotlight of your fetes with their Battenburg lace canopy, which blooms with floral patterns and dazzles in the magnificent shades of silver. Let your sophisticated style blossom on your wedding day with these silver lace umbrellas as silver bridal lace parasols, or fill your decorating ensemble with their soft silver-hued floral as umbrella decorations.

Silver Lace Parasols Features

Experience the timeless beauty of these silver lace parasols and silver lace umbrellas and see how a piece or teeming bunch of them can immediately add life to your wedding, fashion style, special occasions, and elegant decorating themes. Each silver lace parasol and silver lace umbrella is a genuine handicraft of Asian artisans and is made with a wood or bamboo frame and 100% cotton Battenburg lace in a shade of silver.

Embroideries and metallic accents akin to silver dustings also adorn select styles of these silver lace parasols and silver lace umbrellas, and not only do their beauty and durability transcend all season and wedding themes, they can also be relied upon as sunshade – even during the hottest days of summer and on breezy locations, like the beach. These silver lace parasols also make great Asian gifts and souvenirs, umbrella party favors, and decorative accents for your home, wedding, business establishment, and festive celebrations.

Opt for daytime sophistication with these silver lace parasols as silver bridal lace umbrellas or sun shade and go for chic, fashion-forward, and eye-catching decorative accents for your abode, wedding, and evening affair by hanging silver lace umbrellas as ceiling centerpiece. Shop these silver lace parasols cheap when you buy them bulk or wholesale and enjoy the totally neat, fashionable, and festive look that they can lend to your outfit, events, and indoor spaces.