Red Lace Parasols

Red Lace Parasols and Red Lace Umbrellas feature a Battenburg lace canopy in the rich shades of red, like crimson, wine, and China red. Take a look at our latest collection of red lace parasols and red wedding umbrellas and you'll see why they can let you bask the beauty of nature with a classy and dynamic vintage style or send smiles along the way as umbrella decorations and Asian gifts.

Red Lace Parasols Features

Make your simple wedding, dream celebrations, party venue, and umbrella shots more colorful and vibrant with these red lace parasols and red lace umbrellas. Made with 100% cotton Battenburg lace on a wood or bamboo frame, these red lace parasols and red lace umbrellas can provide adequate shelter from the heat of the sun and are durable enough for use on windy outdoors, like the beach. They also come in various sizes, i.e., from the 8 to 12 inch red decorative lace umbrellas to the up to 26-inch red lace parasols, which are usually preferred for petites, and adult-sized red lace umbrellas, which have a canopy size of up at least 30 inches.

With their over-all design that draws inspirations from the well-loved Chinese and Japanese umbrellas and the lace umbrellas of the West, color palette that is revered as auspicious in the East and which lends a blushing guise to their user, and exquisite lace material that will only make you realize how they make for a fine investment piece, these red lace parasols and red lace umbrellas truly are the most precious red lace parasols and red wedding umbrellas that you can gift to a bride, a special lady, or to yourself.

Pack these red lace parasols and red lace umbrellas as an Asian element of your wedding or as sun umbrellas of your summer, cruise, or resort wardrobe; let them dazzle amongst the red tulips and roses that decorate your home, wedding, and special occasions in spring; or, amp up the festive air of your events in fall and winter with them as photography props or holiday umbrella decorations. Shop these red lace parasols wholesale to save and see how they can help turn a picture-perfect moment into a lasting memory.

3 Ways to Party-Proof Your Home with Red Lace Parasols

Special occasions and party venues traditionally take their festive vibe from a decorative accent or a party detail in a shade of red. And if you wonder what your red lace parasol can do when you need to give your lovely home or party place a festive setup, then turn to these 3 ways to party-proof your home with red lace parasols:

Red Lace Parasol Table Centerpiece

Anchor your guests to your chosen party area by decorating the latter with a mini red lace parasol table centerpiece: Simply let a red lace parasol nestle or stand on a corner table, the mantel, or the corner of your home bar and use it to shelter a mini flowering pot or a vase filled with fresh flowers.

Red Lace Umbrella as Ceiling Centerpiece

Throw in something unexpected for your guests to see by hanging a red lace umbrella on the patio for a welcoming vibe or over the party buffet table to add to the exciting look of your party chows. If you still can, adorn your red lace umbrella ceiling centerpiece with paper cut-outs, strands of faux crystals, or a few extra faux flowers from your existing home decor for more touch of fun and color.

Red Lace Parasol with Lights

Inspired by the dim lighting of a cozy bar, quickly make your home a great place for lounging, decent conversations, or night out by decorating a red lace parasol under a light source to partially block off the latter's bright lighting. Ensure appropriate distance between the parasol and the light source to prevent the cause of fire and raise the sound or tempo of the background music to set the party mood.

Let these red lace parasols and red lace umbrellas give your family and guests a pleasant surprise and discover the many more exciting ideas that these red lace parasols and red lace umbrellas can do as sun umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, or umbrella decorations.