Green Lace Parasols

Let these Green Lace Parasols and Battenberg Lace Umbrellas be your something green for the day! The eye-pleasing shade of green Battenberg lace specially makes these green lace umbrellas even more glamorous. Use these to hide your skin and makeup from the sun so it stays fresh all day, to dress up your casual ensembles for chic garden parties and soirees, or to simply standout from the crowd, especially on your wedding day, bridal shower, baby shower and other special occasions that are perfectly-suited for a queen.

Green Lace Parasols Features

It's the cool and relaxing shades of green, such as of sage, mint, moss, and emerald and the classic motif of the Battenburg lace shade of these green lace parasols and green lace umbrellas that make for their eye-catching design.

Perfect as green wedding umbrellas, sunshade for beach parties, tea parties, and rustic to lavish garden receptions, or umbrella gifts, these green lace parasols have 100% cotton Battenburg lace stitched on metal ribs that are held by natural-colored wooden shaft and handle.

Each green lace parasol and green lace umbrella can be opened and closed manually and can be relied upon as protective implement against the sun, even on breezy outdoors, like the beach. They also come in styles to suit your needs for sun protection. Caring for these green lace umbrellas is also easy as you can gently wash their shade with mild detergent to remove dirt and stains.

Shop now and bring the glamor and fresh, nature-inspired hue of these green lace umbrellas to your fashion style, wedding, and other special occasions. If not, make them give your photos a timeless, ethereal feel as photography props.

Try our green lace umbrellas in soft and pastel hues as a cool alternate to the traditional white wedding umbrellas and the emerald or dark green umbrellas as unconventional alternative to the black party umbrellas. Also, don't forget to embellish your green lace parasol with sparkling beads and sequins so they dazzle in all directions under the sunlight during your wedding or party.