Gold Lace Parasols

Pose with these Gold Lace Parasols and Battenberg Lace Umbrellas to be the most fashionable bride and fashionista wherever you go! Inspired by the heritage of class, opulence, and glamor that gold is traditionally known for, these gold lace parasols are luxurious and perfect as you want them to be as gold wedding umbrellas, vintage-style umbrellas, and sun shade for elegant garden receptions.

Gold Lace Umbrellas: The Perfect Vintage-Style Umbrellas

For your special occasions that require an extra touch of luxury, get these gold lace umbrellas and gold lace parasols for your sun shade or umbrella decorations. Delicately crafted by expert artisans in Asia, each gold lace parasol and gold lace umbrella features a sturdy but lightweight wooden handle, metal ribs that can be opened and closed manually, and 100% cotton canopy that is partly or fully decorated with Battenburg lace.

The beautiful lacework and thickness of Battenburg lace in the celebrated shade of champagne gold not only makes these gold lace umbrellas an attractive and exquisite but pocket-friendly alternative to the usually rare and expensive vintage gold lace parasols, such also makes them able to provide reliable protection against the sun even on breezy outdoor locations, like the beach, easy to embellish with hand-sewn beads, pearls, and crystals, and easy to care and store for future use.

Be every inch elegant on your wedding and cocktail ensemble by choosing these gold lace parasols and gold lace umbrellas for your wedding lace umbrella and sun umbrella, or make them a fine addition to your bridesmaids, wedding and/or party guests and friends' special occasion wardrobe by having them as gold wedding umbrellas, umbrella favors, or gifts for special occasions.