Blue Lace Parasols

Blue Lace Parasols and Blue Lace Umbrellas exude a cool and timeless appeal with their Battenburg lace canopy that comes in a captivating shade of blue. Bathe your wedding and special occasions with the placid blue shade of light blue lace parasols or go for a fun and whimsical appeal with dazzling blue lace umbrellas or an elegant shade of blue that spells ultra-classy with dark blue lace parasols.

Blue Lace Umbrellas Features

Let these blue lace parasols and blue lace umbrellas be the something-blue of your wedding and allow them to color and accentuate your fashion style or event's decorating theme with a picture-perfect scene. Available in various sizes and seven (7) styles to suit your need for sun protection, each of this blue lace umbrella features a natural-colored and sturdy wooden handle, metal ribs, and blue Battenburg lace that is made of 100% cotton.

You can enjoy these blue lace parasols and blue lace umbrellas as sun shade – even on the beach and other breezy outdoor locations, as photography props, gift for bridesmaids, keepsake for the bride-to-be, baby shower gift, umbrella decorations, special occasion gift, and many more. Keeping these blue lace umbrellas in great shape is also simple: Just fold and store them dry, protect them from strong winds, and wash them with mild detergent to remove stains.

Shop these blue lace parasols and blue lace umbrellas bulk or wholesale and find them in versatile colors, like light blue, sky blue, and navy. Embellish your choice of pastel blue lace umbrella with details in light neutral shades, like white and ivory, for a clean and laidback look; accessorize bright blue parasols with trimmings in cheerful colors, like yellow and orange, for an upbeat, summery motif; and, opt for the dark blue lace umbrellas in-between as cool and classy umbrella accents.

5 Blue Lace Umbrellas DIY Projects

Perhaps no lace umbrella naturally looks so right under the sun or that can take you across a wide range of season-inspired decorating themes than blue lace parasols. With their dome akin to the sky, practically, any season-themed embellishment can let you turn them into decorations that reflect the changing season.

Blue lace parasols also wear a shade that is traditionally associated with weddings, baby shower, quinceanera birthday, and other celebrations. And whether or not they are used under the sun, they can effortlessly infuse a cool and calming elegance to a fashion ensemble or decorating theme. Now, if you are planning to spice up the look of your blue lace parasols or give them different looks on every special occasion, here are five (5) lace umbrella DIY projects that you can try:

Baby Shower Parasol Umbrella Mobile

Welcome guests to a baby's shower with parasol umbrella decorations that are inspired by nursery mobiles. Start by making baby cut-outs using felt paper or cardstock and string them like garlands on nylon in varied lengths. Tie each baby garland on the ribs of the blue lace umbrella and hang your baby shower blue parasol mobile to decorate. You can also try mini bells or baby bangles as the end piece of each baby garland, which can make light tinkling sounds with every sway of the breeze.

Parasols and umbrellas are popular symbols in baby shower because they are believed to welcome the little one with blessings and considered as ancient icons of royalty, protection, and wisdom.

Umbrella Ceiling Centerpiece with Sparkling Garlands

Make outdoor dining in your patio or veranda more fun and relaxing by hanging lace umbrella centerpiece with beaded strands above the dining tables. Simply make long strands of acrylic, glass, or Swarovski beads and make a loop on one end for a satin ribbon. Tie the ribbon on the ribs of the blue lace parasol and hang each umbrella ceiling centerpiece over the dining table. For a neat and sophisticated-looking setup, use table runners, linen, or centerpiece that complements the shade of your blue lace parasol.

Beaded Blue Lace Parasols

If your decorating theme or fashion style demands great-looking blue lace parasols with rich, colorful accents, then turn to pearls, rhinestones, or crystals for your adornments. What's great about these blue Battenburg lace parasols is that they are gifted with lacework that is easy to accessorize because they are made of cotton and have clear lines between the patterns on their design. Choose embellishing in shades of blue as subtle accents or a mix of different colors to make opulent-looking beaded blue lace parasols.

Fringed Battenburg Lace Umbrellas

Wow your guests with the tasteful vintage look of fringed Battenburg lace umbrellas. With fringes hand-sewn around the shade, fringed blue lace umbrellas do not only conjure images of the parasols used by the elites in Europe during the ancient times, but also of the Asian deities and VIPs. In addition, they can indicate a very important celebration just like how they are put up as traditional holiday and special occasion decor on some Asian cultures.

Decorative Umbrella Lights Centerpiece

For a posh wedding venue that is made more dramatic by lace parasol table centerpiece with lights, take our 8 to 12 inch blue lace umbrellas, rest it on a parasol stand, and secure the hanging cord of a battery-operated lantern light kit around its shaft. Choose a 3-LED bulb battery-operated lantern if you need a glow that is akin to candlelight or a 12-LED bulb battery lantern light for bright lighting.

Find here on the Battenburg lace umbrellas that suits a wide array of your lace umbrella needs. Also, check out our tips on how to embellish lace umbrellas or decorate them for a wedding and other special occasions.